Hom Kahan K Sachay Thy by Umera Ahmed

Hom kahan k sachay thy

About Hom Kahan k Sachy Thy by Umera Ahmed

Hom kahan k sachay thy is social novel written by Umera Ahmed. Its about what ever is happening around us daily. Its showing us true face of reality which s actually happening and no one is ready to accept it openly. This novel is one best social novel by writer and it becomes very popular among readers.

Mishal is a beautiful girl. Everyone loves her. Brought up in an elite household with everything she can wish for, you think, she has everything she ever wants, but does she? On the other hand is Mishal’s cousin Mehreen; a girl who is not-so-pretty and has a disturbing background. Everyone’s annoyed by her bad behavior and ill-mannered ways. Living in the same house, these two girls go head-to-head. And in the middle of these two is caught Aswad, a handsome young guy, who is their cousin and who is also madly in love with Mishal, and hates Mehreen. All three of them think they have their lives perfectly planned out for themselves but can this much hate and competition really end up in something good?

About Writer

Umera Ahmed is very famous writer who wrote a lot of famous and popular novels. Amar Bail and Peer e Kamil are two of her best novels popular among people of all ages. She is basically writing social novels and most of her readers are womens. She received many award because of her best novels and also write for television dramas. Umera started writing with short stories when she was very young. You can read more details about her on famous website Wikipedia.

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